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Renewable Energy
Sun Energy
Renewable Energy
Sun Energy
Renewable Energy
Sun Energy
Renewable Energy
Sun Energy
Renewable Energy
Sun Energy
Renewable Energy
Sun Energy
Renewable Energy
Sun Energy

Renewable Energy

International Renewable Energy Exhibition


In the investment world expands horizons and opportunities vary, therefore,
(International Renewable Energy Exhibition) is an opportunity luckiest to assemble the best consulting firms in the first and largest assembled an international market for the pioneers of the production of electricity from solar and wind energy in the heart of Cairo to represent the national focal for efforts Point Venture use of renewable energy applications, to generate electricity on a commercial scale, and localization renewable energy technologies, and work to increase local capacity for the production and use of equipment and provides (International Renewable Energy Exhibition) an

opportunity for direct presence with houses of global experience in the field of production of electricity from solar and wind energy invitees to attend this exhibition for the first time in Egypt and the Middle East, and what was the decision the right investment is based on the right advice away from the individual decisions random your involvement in this investment forum is the gateway to the best investment in the future of this area, where those elements and simply remain the prime mover behind the right investment opportunities


Our Vision

Providing investment opportunities in the field of production of electricity from solar energy, wind energy and reflected on the ground through the support of institutions working in the field of attracting houses of global experience in the confluence of one point on the land of Egypt to support their aspirations for the continuation of their investment and wealth development in this field.

Our Mission

Harness all our capabilities in providing integrated umbrella of investment services and innovative solutions according to the highest standards by qualified high human rehabilitation, and the environment is ideal work enhances the values and principles of customer service, and a commitment to the utmost professionalism and professional integrity, transparency and team spirit rates to be the International Renewable Energy Fair gate crossing the access The proliferation and profit-taking

Our Message

Arab community service a major force in the field of electricity production companies a collection of solar energy and wind energy and accessories in the first and the largest market of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East, providing everything you need, including industry exceeds our customers' expectations

Our Targets

Aimed at the international renewable energy exhibition provide a real opportunity and space suitable for global companies to showcase their services and products so that they can direct presence in one working environment with customers actual for these companies and provide real jobs serve the interests of the parent companies Vymj production of electricity from solar energy, wind energy and accessories through to meet investors to open a permanent markets for their products as agents for homes global experience in Egypt and the Middle East and meet the market needs of the Arab world and the countries of the region and also in the field provides the international renewable energy organizations working exhibition stand on the latest developments of the times in the world of solar technology, wind energy, including saves time and effort and quick access to achieve their goals so renewable international energy Exhibition resides conference on the sidelines of the exhibition provides for the presence of a range of important seminars in modern technology in the field of solar energy, wind energy, and in a world where diverse investment opportunities is the international renewable energy exhibition and one of the most important investment opportunities for businessmen to conduct their studies reconnaissance to choose the best investment opportunities in this area, where the exhibition provides an opportunity for business by arranging a meeting DONT bilateral directly with a representative Aacharkat local, regional and international exhibitors under one roof and spread awareness and introduce the concepts and techniques and renewable energy applications and promote their use through the foremost scientific conference on the sidelines of the exhibition

Advertising campaigns

The paper tariff for the exhibition of letters

The sake of the show management to communicate with the departments of beneficiary institutions and workers in the solar energy field and wind energy is sent introductory letters of the exhibition and the services offered to the pioneers of the show each bodies, institutions and companies involved, to ensure that all the targeted parties were to communicate and interact with them, and this reflects the ability of management of the show to set up a network public relations with all parties to ensure her work to a high standard of professionalism and competition, as will ensure the continuity of the performance of the show effectively achieved with the goals and objectives of the companies participating in the exhibition


The use of the international network of private information is necessary and is vital when searching for related to different topics of information from all angles, which means that the presence proportion of the day on this network density and height and spread important, therefore, manage solar and international wind exhibition invest in the announcement of the exhibition services on search engines Almokhtvlh as (Google), as well as social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) and others to achieve the desired deployment


Also will be used in newspapers from the same starting point for the work of an ad campaign for solar, wind International Exhibition Services, and of course, the publicity using the press is also of paramount importance in order to confirm the access to all the beneficiaries of the exhibition services

State roads ads

The roads leading to cover the place of residence of the exhibition range of banner advertisements confirmation of the objectives of the media gallery

Interior exhibition displays

Such screens check major propaganda goals of the exhibition, and be within the corridors of the exhibition and at the outer doors, and offers a full definition and Palmaradwkhaddmath About the most important companies in which the bar

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