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One Hand Pipe Wrenches

Product Code Description
711-000081 7″ One Hand Pipe Wrench
711-000058 9″ One Hand Pipe Wrench
711-000075 12″ One Hand Pipe Wrench
Site Tools
Site Tools

Podger Spanners

High quality double sized Podger Ratchet Spanner.

Product Code Description
673-000007 24-30mm Podger Spanner
673-000008 32-36mm Podger Spanner

Bespoke Bags

Hy-Ram offer a range of bespoke bags to meet your needs. A wide variety of colours are available, and any size and specification can be achieved. Customers logos can also be printed in a multitude of colours and sizes. Bags can be made to customer designs.

Commonly Supplied Bags:

Product Code Description
046-000028 Blue Holdall 650x350x350mm
046-000029 Breathing apparatus bag – Blue
Bespoke Bags
Bespoke Bags

Pry Bars

Draper Expert – 3 Piece Soft Grip Pry Bar Set
Set of 3 Pry bars, chemically blacked blades with impact resistant, soft grip handles. Set contains 300mm, 450mm and 600mm long bars.

Draper 4 – Piece Pry Bar Set
Set of 4 Pry bars, chemically blacked blades with PVC handles. Set contains 200mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm long bars.

Jumbo Pry Bar 36″
A massive 900mm of Pry Bar for use when you really need leverage. Manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum for extra strength.

Product Code Description
drap35396 Draper 4 piece prybar set
023-000157 Jumbo Prybar 36″
Pry Bars
Pry Bars

Push Fit Extractors

Facilitates the removal of pipe from pushfit fittings. The same size tool is used for both metric and imperial pipe.

Product Code Description
300-000095 20mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000096 25mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000097 32mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000121 40mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000108 50mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000098 63mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000099 90mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000100 125mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 2)
300-000101 180mm Pushfit Metal Extractor (set of 4)
Extractor SHIMS
Extractor SHIMS

Bursting Wedges

Bursting wedges in a choice of two sizes.
Particularly useful for maintaining the ‘gap’ when carrying out pipe cutting or splitting metallic pipe sockets.

Product Code Description
084-000003 Bursting Wedge – standard
084-000004 Bursting Wedge – large
Bursting Wedges
Bursting Wedges

Wheeler Rex Pipe Cleaning Straps

Highest quality pipe cleaning strap available in two lengths. A versatile scraper for removing mud and scale from pipe surfaces. Generally used prior to pipe cutting, drilling or the assembly of a pipe fitting. Angled blades promote self cleaning. Belt material is light, strong and non-corroding. Offers better scraping, cleaning & longevity than alternative studded type straps.

Product Code Description
WHE1300 Pipe Cleaning Strap (3″-12″ Pipe)
WHE1350 Pipe Cleaning Strap (12″-36″ Pipe)
Pipe Cleaning Straps
Pipe Cleaning Straps

Bulldog Shovels

Hy-Ram are official stockists of British-made Bulldog Shovels. Bulldog use a unique specification steel which results in exceptionally strong tool heads with the flexibility to absorb all the shock and pressure of hard work, without distorting or breaking.

Product Code Description
BULL5GSPL General Service Shovel
BULL5NDPL Newcastle Draining Tool Treaded Graft
BULL5CLPL Cable Laying Shovel
BULL5TMPL Taper Mouthed Shovel

PolyFibre Pro

PolyFibre PRO tool handles will not rot, shrink, dry out or become more susceptible to breakage through periods of inactivity. They are designed to offer a high degree of fibreglass strength along with the comfort of a profile moulded PYD hand grip. Injection moulded polypropylene sheathing totally encloses the polyester resin fibreglass core – virtually eliminating the danger of handle breakage and potential injury.

Product Code Description
905-000039 No2 S/S Sq Mouth Polyfibre Pro
905-000040 No2 S/S Taper Mouth Polyfibre Pro
905-000041 No2 S/S Round Mouth Polyfibre Pro
905-000042 No OOO S/S Sq Mouth Polyfibre Pro
905-000043 NoO GPO Trencher Polyfibre Pro
905-000044 S/S Cable Layer Polyfibre Pro
905-000045 S/S Clay Grafter Polyfibre Pro
905-000046 16″ Newcastle Drainer Polyfibre Pro
905-000047 Treaded General Service Polyfibre Pro
905-000048 Treaded S/S Spade Polyfibre Pro

Shocksafe – Insulated – BS8020:2002

BS8020:2002 is an exacting specification that demands full adherence to detailed manufacturing and testing procedures for safe working practices to be maintained by the user when working on or in close proximity to live conductor cables. Every single tool is flash tested to 10,000 Volts before the issue of a certificate, unique to each implement.

Product Code Description
905-000049 No2 S/S Sq Mouth Shocksafe
905-000050 No2 S/S Taper Mouth Shocksafe
905-000051 No2 S/S Round Mouth Shocksafe
905-000052 No OOO S/S Sq Mouth Shocksafe
905-000053 NoO GPO Trencher Shocksafe
905-000054 S/S Cable Layer Shocksafe
905-000055 S/S Clay Grafter Shocksafe
905-000056 16″ Newcastle Drainer Shocksafe
905-000057 Treaded General Service Shocksafe
905-000058 Treaded S/S Spade Shocksafe

Bosher Bar

Used for breaking up old pipework using a 10kg head. Available in two sizes.

Product Code Description
905-000024 54” Bosher Bar (Fat Ended)
905-000025 78” Bosher Bar
905-000034 78” Bosher Bar (Fat Ended)
Bosher Bar



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