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BFM 400 Superweld Fully Automatic

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The Fully Automatic Superweld range incorporates all the features and refinements expected from a leading manufacturer.


Fully-Automatic Butt Fusion Machines – Superweld

The Fully Automatic Superweld range incorporates all the features and refinements expected from a leading manufacturer… including…

  • Compact, lightweight, robust design
  • Narrow width construction and convenient handles for trench use
  • Easily converted on site for ‘pupping’ capability (most machines)
  • Automatic, fully floating ‘lock-on’ Trimmer
  • Roller mounted, fully floating ‘drop-on’ Hotplate
  • Capacity to weld various polymers including: Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polybuthen (Flexalen PB – pipe system)
Fully Automatic (Superweld 63 - 400mm)
The ‘Headline’ benefits of Fully-Automatic welding… 

Preset welding parameters
Optimum welding pressures and times are automatically calculated by the controller.

De-skilling the operator
The jointing operation is de-skilled by taking the responsibility away from the operator.

Security & traceability
Operator Security Codes and job number entry give both security and weld traceability.

Database memory for recording joint parameters
All welding parameters (ie Pressure, times, drag etc) are stored in memory for each individual joint for later download and analysis.

Self checking
Continual checks throughout the jointing cycle for any critical weld parameters being incorrect. (Helpful ‘Error messages’ displayed)

Guarantees complete weld cycle is completed
Weld Cycle must be completed as machine automatically detects early clamp removal.

Data Download Options…

Recent developments have meant that Hy-Ram can now offer a Joint Data Download option via a USB Memory Stick. The Stick comes pre-programmed with bespoke software and allows data capture and subsequent transfer to a PC. Then by using Hy-Ram’s unique software, the joint data transferred can be viewed, analysed and presented in a number of ways dependent on operator requirements. Example images of Hy-Ram’s standard software package are shown…Hy-Ram has the facility to ‘tailor-design’ software analysis programs to suit individual customers requirements.


  • Product Codes
903-000006 BFM 180 F/A (complete with Printer Kit)
903-000011 BFM 250 F/A (complete with Printer Kit)
903-000017 BFM 315 F/A (complete with Printer Kit)
903-000023 BFM 400 F/A (complete with Printer Kit)
649-000004 Printer Kit (Inc Leads)
USB1 USB Memory Stick
300-000109 400/355 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000110 355/315 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000058 315/280 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000133 315/268 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000057 315/250 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000042 250/225 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000090 250/213 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000021 250/200 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000022 250/180 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000027 180/160 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000051 180/140 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000020 180/125 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000028 125/110 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000030 125/90 BFM Liner (Each)
300-000054 125/63 BFM Liner (Each)


  • Technical Info


Pipe Range / Material: Diameters:
63-180mm (BFM180)
90-250mm (BFM250)
90 – 315mm (BFM315)
250-400mm (BFM400)Materials: PE80 Gas, PE100 Gas, MDPE, HPPE
Application: Butt Fusion Welding of PE pipe and additionally the machine can be converted on site to weld pipe to fittings (ie pupping).
  • Fully programmed controller with all PE pipe Dia/SDR combination welding parameters including ‘Dual Pressure’ welding to WIS 4-32-08.
  • Pipe Slippage Detection.
  • Early Clamp Removal Detection.
  • Easily converted on site for pupping capability.
  • Operator ‘PIN Number’ protection.
  • Joint Data Download via Handheld printer or transfer to PC.
  • Built in Diagnostic Software for trouble shooting and
Approvals: Manufactured in accordance with (i) British Gas Engineering Standard GBE/ PL2 Technical Specification for Polyethylene Pipes and Fitings for Natural Gas and suitable for Manufactured Gas; Part 3 Butt fusion Tooling and Ancillary Equipment. (ii) Water Industry specification WIS 4-32-16 Specification for Butt Fusion Jointing Machines.


Superweld Fully Automatic 180BFM

Chassis 34kg 742mm 375mm 215mm
Hot Plate 17kg 290mm 592mm 565mm
Trimmer 14kg 280mm 333mm 550mm
Auto Controller 47kg 450mm 315mm 445mm

Superweld Fully Automatic 250BFM

Chassis 38kg 742mm 445mm 256mm
Hot Plate 23kg 290mm 661mm 685mm
Trimmer 15kg 280mm 407mm 620mm
Auto Controller 47kg 450mm 315mm 445mm

Superweld Fully Automatic 315BFM

Chassis 57kg 742mm 570mm 305mm
Hot Plate 30kg 290mm 776mm 728mm
Trimmer 23kg 315mm 513mm 697mm
Auto Controller 47kg 450mm 315mm 445mm

Superweld Fully Automatic 400BFM

Chassis 34kg 790mm 760mm 590mm
Hot Plate 17kg 400mm 850mm 1100mm
Trimmer 14kg 660mm 850mm 820mm
Auto Controller 47kg 450mm 315mm 445mm




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